Is Frank Gore looking for love in all the wrong places?

Frank Gore uses social media to suggest he needs to see some 'love' from 49ers management this off-season

Frank Gore doesn't seem to be feeling the love in San Francisco.

At least not from the 49ers management. And since that's who Gore will be negotiating with if he is to return to the team in the fall, that could be a pretty big deal.

Gore made a couple of Instagram posts on Sunday night that seemed to reference his impending free agency, starting with one that said, "Wht should I do."

While that comment by itself could have been about a number of things, Gore made it pretty clear what he was talking about with his next post, which was deleted Monday morning:

“I know the fans love me but I need to know if the management does but I'm going to love my fans no matter what.”

Now we all know that when it comes to contract negotiations, love equals money. And while I'm pretty sure the 49ers love that Gore has been their leading rusher in all 10 of his pro seasons, it might not be enough for them to want to pay him anywhere near the $6.45 million he made the last two seasons.

After all, 10 years is a long time for an NFL running back. And the 49ers drafted Carlos Hyde, possibly Gore's heir apparent, in the second round last year.

So it's quite possible that Gore might have to go looking for love in some other place.

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