The Bakersfield Condors have an unusual promotion for fans.

Sometimes, giving away a bobblehead or a banner just isn’t enough for a minor-league team to draw crowds or attention.

The Bakersfield Condors of the ECHL are going to try something different this weekend by staging a promotion Friday that will give one lucky fan a cemetery plot for two.

The next day’s prize is a mini-basketball with either a Lakers logo or a Clippers logo. Write your own punchline there. As for the cemetery plot giveaway, the Condors’ news release had a little fun.

“Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity of a lifetime, or should we say "post-lifetime," to win two cemetery plots at Historic Union Cemetery valued at over $5,000,” the release said.

“In this instance, sudden death is the last thing we want to see.

“Cremation services available upon request.”

They get points for creativity, anyway. Here's a link to get more information.

The Condors, incidentally, were recently purchased by the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers and are the Oilers’ ECHL affiliate.


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