Jose Canseco says he's selling detached finger and digit-blasting gun

Former slugger Jose Canseco is having an usual fall sale: his detached finger and the gun that shot it off

Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco is having an unusual fall sale.

Late Monday afternoon, Canseco tweeted that he was selling the finger he shot off along with the gun he used during the accident.

Canseco even tweeted a picture of the gun, which he said is a .45 Remington with chrome mirror finish and custom grips, featuring scorpions with crystals and gold plating.

Canseco said he is putting the gun on eBay, but he may run into trouble when he realizes that firearms cannot be sold on the online auction site.

As for what's left of the digit he blasted off: Canseco might be able to sell that on eBay.

“The eBay ad will read, 'slightly used middle finger with 462 home runs, could be used as a stirring straw for drinks,' " Canseco tweeted.

Canseco would consider selling the finger and gun as a “special package deal,” he said. 

So far, Canseco has not responded to questions about pricing for the items, which, yes, have been posed.

The injured finger, which was the middle of his left hand, “fell off” Thursday while Canseco was playing poker, he said.

Canseco accidentally shot himself in the hand last month while cleaning his gun at home. Doctors tried to save the digit after the shooting, but Canseco said their efforts were pointless because there wasn't much left to connect.

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