L.A. KISS coach calls out players after latest loss

L.A. KISS Coach Bob McMillen is eager to make changes after worst loss of the season

After the L.A. KISS’ worst defeat Sunday night, coach Bob McMillen is looking to make some drastic changes to the team that is 2-5.

“A lot of those guys in the locker room probably won’t be here,” McMillen said after the team’s 70-21 loss to Spokane (5-2). “The bleeding is going to stop on Monday.”

Not even starting quarterback J.J. Raterink was spared from McMillen's scrutiny after completing only nine of 30 passes and having three passes intercepted.

“No. 11 [Raterink] needs to look at himself before he starts going out there and answering any other questions,” McMillen said.

McMillen even gave out his email address during a postgame news conference so that players interested in playing for the team could contact him.

“Bob@lakissfootball.com if there’s somebody out there that can play quarterback,” McMillen said, adding that he was also looking for offensive linemen, defensive linemen, defensive backs and wide receivers. “Hit me up and send me your email.”

The coach said only three players are safe: lead receiver Donovan Morgan; linebacker Beau Bell, who leads the league in sacks; and defensive back A.J. Cruz, who has played relatively few minutes but had a breakout game on special teams against Spokane, scoring a touchdown and racking up 157 total yards.

Raterink, who was replaced in the fourth quarter by Tyler Hansen, remains on the chopping block.

Although he would not give specifics, McMillen hinted that a change at quarterback may be in the works.

“It’s too early to say if J.J. will be our quarterback, if Tyler will be our quarterback or a new guy will be our quarterback,” McMillen said.

“We’re the worst offense in the league right now. Two and five is not going to get it done for us. Putting up 30 points or whatever is not going to get it done for us,” McMillen said. ““We have a whole lot of soul searching and a lot of questions we have to answer as a football team.”

This is not the first time McMillen has threatened to replace members of the team. After kicker Kenny Spencer missed three point-after touchdown tries against the San Jose Sabercats, McMillen said he’d be looking for a replacement. Spencer remains on the team.

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