Lauren Hill memorial to take place in Cincinnati on Monday

Memorial service for Lauren Hill will take place at Xavier University in Cincinnati on Monday

A public memorial service for Lauren Hill, a college basketball player who died this week after an inspiring fight against an inoperable brain tumor, will be held Monday in Cincinnati.

Hill, 19, died Friday at a hospital in Cincinnati a little more than five months after she played in four games with Mount St. Joseph. The memorial service will be held in Xavier University's 10,000-seat basketball arena, where Hill scored on a layup at the beginning of the season.

Hill was remembered at an on-campus vigil Friday afternoon attended by several hundred students. Mount St. Joseph President Tony Aretz said Hill "taught us that every day is a blessing, every moment is a gift."

Hill was diagnosed with the tumor during her senior year in high school and was told she had less than two years to live. Despite physical limitations caused by the tumor pushing on her brain, Hill managed to score five layups for Mount St. Joseph in appearances aimed at raising cancer awareness.

Along the way, she raised roughly $1.5 million for cancer research through a nonprofit she co-founded, the Cure Starts Now Foundation.

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