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Where will LeBron James decide to play, Miami or Cleveland?

LeBron James, an anxious world awaits your decision. Cleveland or Miami?

LeBron James, an anxious world awaits your decision. Cleveland or Miami?

The free-agent NBA superstar is expected to announce his choice by the end of the week, quite possibly Thursday and has apparently narrowed it down to those two teams. He has already said he is attending Sunday's World Cup final in Brazil, so you have to figure the decision will come before then, and with police presence stepping up around his homes in Akron, Ohio, and Miami, an announcement appears to be coming today.

And Cleveland and Miami aren't the only two waiting for word. A host of NBA free agents are waiting for James so that they can see if they can work out better deals with their team of choice.

James met with Miami Heat President Pat Riley for two hours Wednesday in Las Vegas and apparently has made up his mind, according to multiple reports. Only no one knows what he has decided.

And, while James was meeting with the Heat and Riley, the Cavaliers showed him how serious they are, creating salary-cap space with a three-team trade with the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets, ensuring they have enough to offer the James a maximum contract.

All they can do is hold their breath and wait, along with the rest of us, hoping, just hoping, that their first choice for prom date says yes.


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