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LeBron James pushes Cavaliers Coach David Blatt while arguing foul call

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James gently pushed Coach David Blatt back to the sideline while the two were arguing with a referee about a foul called during a game against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night.

Even the commentators seemed surprised by James' actions, which they said were probably done to keep Blatt from getting a technical foul.

Tuesday was James' first game back after he missed eight in a row because of lingering pain issues in his left knee and back.

"I'm checking in with my fans, letting you all know that I'm making my comeback tonight in Phoenix," James said in a video posted on Bleacher Report. "Man, it's been too long. I apologize for being out, guys, but I'm coming back tonight."

The Cavaliers lost to the Suns, 107-100.

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