LeSean McCoy says Eagles made 'a panic move' by signing running backs

LeSean McCoy says the Eagles made a 'panic move' when Frank Gore decided to sign with Colts

LeSean McCoy reportedly was upset with the Philadelphia Eagles when they traded him to the Buffalo Bills, so it makes sense that he would criticize the reasoning behind the team's recent running back moves.

Speaking on the Rich Eisen Show on Friday, McCoy argued that the Eagles were more or less forced to sign DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews once Frank Gore joined the Indianapolis Colts on March 10.

“I saw that they originally were trying to get Frank Gore, and he backed out,” McCoy said. “So then when they got DeMarco and they got Ryan Mathews, I thought it was like a panic move. With that media in Philadelphia, they can get tough on you."

Gore told ESPN he was on the verge of signing with the Eagles before the Colts made him a better offer. Gore also said he wanted to play with a standout quarterback -- Colts play-caller Andrew Luck fits that description; new Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford does not.

With Gore out of the picture for the Eagles, McCoy said the team was forced to pursue Murray. McCoy praised Murray, but questioned the need for two running backs.

“I can’t really answer it,” McCoy said. “They took two backs to replace one. I think DeMarco’s a hell of a back. I think he’ll do a good job there.

“Chip [Kelly], I think, is a really good coach. I think this is something different for him kind of managing both, from being a coach to now kind of managing the team as far as the players that they get and they pay.”

The Eagles signed Murray to a five-year, $42-million deal and gave Mathews a three-year, $11.5-million contract last week.

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