Barcelona's Lionel Messi slammed for drab duds after win over Madrid

Lionel Messi is arguably the best soccer player on the planet, and he just helped FC Barcelona defeat Real Madrid in the latest installment of the famed "El Clasico" rivalry.

So why is everyone obsessing over his wardrobe?

Because it's (gasp!) boring. Or at least it was Sunday compared to his Barcelona teammates in this much-shared photo of the players following their 2-1 win over Real Madrid on Sunday.

That's Messi on the left, next to teammates Adriano, Douglas, Dani Alves, Neymar and Rafinha.

Some pretty extreme fashion statements being made here -- Alves' shoes, Neymar's jacket, Adriano's color combinations -- but none by the fourth-highest paid athlete in the world last year ($65 million, according to Forbes).

Messi is being called out all over social media for his conservative gray-and-black outfit. Some say he looks like a teacher -- substitute teacher seems to be the favorite, although I've seen geography and physics too.

Others think he resembles someone's dad. Is this really an insult? After all, he actually is someone's dad -- 2-year-old Thiago Messi. Still, the tweet that describes the photo as Messi dropping the kids off at a school dance is pretty hilarious.

My favorite might be this tweet, which paints the world famous soccer star as a random tech support geek:

But I'm pretty sure no Barcelona fans mind how he dresses off the field as long as he's wearing the scarlet and blue at game time.

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