Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch fined for obscene TD celebration

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch slapped with $11,050 for grabbing himself for TD celebration

Controversial Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been hit with another fine. 

This time the player, who is also known as "Beast Mode," was fined $11,050 by the NFL for making an obscene gesture while celebrating a touchdown during Sunday's win over Arizona, according to multiple NFL insiders. 

Lynch, who was not flagged during the game for the stunt, celebrated a 79-yard run with a backward dive across the goal line while making the gesture.

Lynch has already been fined six figures this year for refusing to talk to the media. It an attempt to avoid more fines, Lynch has recently taken to answering all reporters' questions with the same phrase -- which usually has nothing to do with the question -- over and over. 

Lynch often makes headlines, but it is not always for bad behavior. He was in the news recently for going out of his way to return a man's wallet, which the Seahawks' star found had been dropped at a gas station. Lynch drove the wallet to the man's home. 

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