Ex-Packers cheerleader resents online 'bullying' by Bears fans

On Monday evening, a photo of a former Green Bay Packers cheerleader named Kaitlyn Collins was posted to the Chicago Bears Facebook fan page.

The photo was captioned: “Like If You Agree The Packers Have The Worst Cheerleaders In The NFL!”

Some of the fan page's 90,000 subscribers decided to disparage Collins, writing nasty comments about her appearance.


Collins fired back.

She made a silent video that she posted to YouTube on Wednesday in which she held up signs that mentioned some of the mean things that were written about her.

"Most comments were too horrible to repeat, but had the same theme," she wrote.

"UGLY," said one. "Doesn't get any uglier. Truly an eyesore," said another. (A few other comments she showed in her video are too vile to be repeated here.)

Collins then thanked the Bears fans who stood up for her by holding up signs with some of their comments.

"Wow...even as a Bears fan I think that was mean...she isn't ugly...and she is also someone's daughter," one person wrote.

"I am a big Bears fan but tonight I am very disappointed," another said. "This is a low shot. She is not made up to look like a movie star, but she is a lovely young lady. It is wrong to be so cruel."

Collins went on to say that she tried to get the photo removed. She said she contacted Facebook but was told that the photo and its comments didn't qualify as bullying under Facebook's standards. She also said that she messaged the Chicago Bears fan page and requested that the photo be removed -- but the photo remained live.

Collins then asked for help.

"Please!!! Help me to get this picture taken down and horrible comments removed," she wrote.

"This is bullying in its newest form -- 'cyber-bullying.'"

"Thankfully, I have an amazing support system full of wonderful friends & family telling me that I AM BEAUTIFUL."

"What about the people who don't have that at home? What will happen when something like this happens to them? Stop cyber-bullying and bullying in any form!

"Help me let these people know that they've messed with the wrong Wisconsin girl!"

Boy,  did they.

Collins' video received a slew of support on YouTube. Her video has nearly 200,000 views as of Friday morning and many of the comments feature apologies and words of encouragement.

The Chicago Bears fan page eventually decided to honor her request. Her photo was removed and this message was posted to the site on Thursday:

"We did not see all the posts to take down the Cheerleader pic until today.

"We get hundreds of messages per day and are not always on here. The issue has been resolved. Please respect one another and do not bully on this page."