Poll: Is it time to take MLB All-Star voting away from fans?

Poll: Is it time to take MLB All-Star voting away from fans?
Kansas City's Omar Infante is the leading vote-getter at second base in American League All-Star balloting. (Michael B. Thomas / Getty Images)

The Major League Baseball All-Star selection process is basically a democracy, with the non-pitching starters for each league determined solely by fan votes.

But should it be that way?

You might not think so if you're a fan of any American League team other than the Kansas City Royals. Fan balloting will continue until July 2, but if it ended today seven of the eight starting positions would be filled by Royals players. Angels outfielder Mike Trout would be the only outsider in the starting lineup.

The leading Royals include second baseman Omar Infante and his .228 batting average. Alex Rios, another Royal, is fourth among outfielders despite batting .220 and missing nearly two months with a hand injury.

This year's voting is being conducted entirely online, with fans allowed to submit 35 votes each using an email address to sign in. Of course, there are ways to get around such limitations, like the simple method of creating multiple email addresses and voting as many times as you please.

More than 300 million votes have already been counted this year. That's not including the 60 million to 65 million votes that Bob Bowman, chief executive of MLB Advanced Media, told Yahoo! Sports his group has thrown out for being suspicious.

Even so, the Royals are dominating.

"We scrubbed these first set of numbers incredibly thoroughly," Bowman said. "We said, 'Can this possibly be right? Look at all these votes for Kansas City.' It just didn't turn out that way."

So maybe it's all legit. Maybe Royals fans have just mobilized behind their team. Maybe there are random baseball fans out there choosing Kansas City players for their own reasons.

Which leads to the question -- should fans really be making such a big decision? Remember, the league that wins the All-Star game gets home-field advantage in the World Series. It's a big deal.

Let us know what you think by voting in our poll. We promise it's not rigged.

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