Pro golfer aces par-4 hole from 279 yards

Pro golfer gets a hole-in-one on 279-yard par-4 hole

From the tee box -- 279 yards away -- Tyler Raber watched his 3-wood drive bounce onto the green. He thought he heard it hit the flag stick.

But as he walked up the fairway, his ball was nowhere to be seen.

After scanning the green, Raber finally found what he was looking for -- in the cup.

His hole-in-one at the eGolf Pro Tour's ArrowCreek Open in Reno on Thursday matched a feat -- a par-4 ace -- that has been accomplished only once on the PGA Tour.

"We looked all around the green before finally looking in the hole and there it was," Raber was quoted as saying on eGolf's website. "It was the craziest thing ever."

The eGolf Pro Tour is a minor-league circuit that offers players a chance to work their way up to the big time. This week's tournament offers a purse of about $100,000.

Andrew Magee made the only par-4 ace in PGA Tour history at the 2001 FBR Open.


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