Bills' Aaron Williams irked by fist-bumping refs during Broncos game

Here's something you don't see every day -- someone congratulating a co-worker on getting the job done correctly through difficult circumstances.

Um, hold on a second.

Actually, people who are lucky enough to work in a positive, productive environment just might see such displays of camaraderie on a regular basis.

So why exactly was Buffalo Bills safety Aaron Williams so bent out of shape when he saw it happen in Denver on Sunday?

Oh, I get it. When line judge John Hussey and umpire Carl Paganelli discreetly bumped fists following a touchdown run by Denver's C.J. Anderson, it was a blatant act of bias. Therefore, the touchdown clearly shouldn't have counted and the Bills most certainly should not have lost to the Broncos, 24-17.

Only, replay officials reviewed the play and confirmed that Anderson did, in fact, score. So the touchdown really should have counted, even if the on-field referees were secretly rooting for the Broncos.

Which, by the way, was not the case. At least not according to the NFL, which quickly released a statement to nip any kind of controversy in the bud.

“It was an acknowledgment of good mechanics between the two officials involved in making the call,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora said of the gesture.

So, sorry Aaron. Your team's loss still counts ... and it had nothing to do with crooked officials.

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