Rex Ryan changes N.Y. Jets jersey tattoo to Buffalo Bills colors

Rex Ryan changes tattoo of wife wearing New York Jets colors to Buffalo Bills colors

Allegiances change but tattoos are forever, right?

Not if you're Rex Ryan. The man known for his special ink jobs got rid of all of his New York Jets gear when he became coach of the Buffalo Bills last month, but there was one reminder of his former job he couldn't just throw away -- a tattoo on his right arm depicting his wife wearing a Jets jersey.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ryan visited a tattoo artist last week in Arizona who replaced the Jets' green colors with the Bills' blue and red colors. Ryan told the newspaper that having his tattoo re-colored was part of his commitment to his new team.

"I'm all in," Ryan said after getting the tattoo changed.

Luckily for the artist, he didn't have to color in around any numbers. The original version of the tattoo depicted Ryan's wife wearing a No. 6 jersey, which turned out to be Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's number at the time.

Ryan said he didn't initially intend to get a No. 6 on the jersey and that he wanted No. 75 in honor of former Jets offensive lineman Winston Hill. However, the artist said he could only draw a single-digit number, so he told the artist, "Well, might as well make it a '6,' not an '8,' because our quarterback is '6.'"

However, Ryan had the No. 6 erased from the tattoo after he benched Sanchez.

Ryan says he's happy to have the blue and red on his arm and he isn't planning to make further alterations.

"The girl's not changing," he told the Wall Street Journal. "I've been married 28 years."

Ryan posted a 50-52 record in six seasons with the Jets before being a fired a day after the season ended. He was hired by the Bills on Jan. 12.

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