Robert Griffin III battles unhappy fans, critics on Instagram

Robert Griffin III battles unhappy fans, critics on Instagram
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III looks on during warm-ups before a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Landover, Md., on Sept. 14, 2014. (Nick Wass / Associated Press)

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III got into it with fans and critics Monday after he posted an Instagram video that appeared to show him driving while singing to Michael Jackson's hit, "Billie Jean."

As with most celebrities or professional athletes who post to social media, RG3 -- who has been criticized heavily for his poor performance the last two seasons and possible diva persona -- got an ear-full.

Jamming to MJ on the way to get that work in this morning #BillyJean What you working with this morning?

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However, this time Griffin started pushing back.

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The first commenter, @cperezrn, who identified himself as a military man, teed off.

"This is why you will be cut after next year in Washington," the commenter wrote. "Why you weren't even mentioned as the future. You are a 'QB'. Act like one."

The critic then said Griffin cares more about his social media brand than his craft.

Griffin apparently had enough and responded.

"If giving back to the community and training for football at the same time is frowned upon.....then what would you say I do Sir? Not give back or Train? Honest Question." He added, "Oh wait...and should I not enjoy a classic song with others who Love MJ? I'm just asking for your wisdom here."

The two went back and forth. The tone of the conversation never got too bitter or angry. The commenter said numerous times that Griffin's persona is his problem. Until he wins, his brand is tarnished, the commenter said.

"It's about how you present yourself," the commenter said. "Of course we don't know you. We know your social media, the commercials you make. That's why I said act like the leader of your team. After you win a title no one can criticize you, but for now they do. Anyways, good luck to you."

There were those who defended Griffin and said it would be better for him to stop responding to critics.

"Appreciate Ya. Players put too much time into our profession to be told posting on social media 2 or 3 times a day is a sign that you don't focus on your craft," Griffin wrote to one of the fans defending him.

But even after that, Griffin wasn't done with the first commenter who told the pro he just wasn't getting it.

"No need to act like a leader, just gonna be one as always," Griffin wrote. "The case you tried to make isn't supported by anything I have done. Fun loving, motivation & football based commercials? Motivation and family related social media post?"

The conversation, which continued a little longer, ended with Griffin trying to get a zinger in.

"Military families have class, dignity & loyalty. I will maintain mine. You have not shown any of those. I will keep it that way and let you go right off my page God Bless," Griffin wrote.

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