Robert Allenby continues to face doubts about alleged attack

Report says authorities may only pursue a charge of unauthorized credit card use; Allenby says he was robbed

Police are now skeptical of golfer Robert Allenby's story about being robbed and kidnapped outside a Honolulu wine bar, according to a Hawaiian news report.

In the days since the incident, several witnesses have come forward to question Allenby's version of that night, which left him with a cut and bruised face.

The Australian has said that on Monday he was mugged, thrown into a car trunk and driven six miles away to a park where homeless people live. A passerby put him in a taxi back to his hotel, he said.

Police have videotape of someone using one of Allenby's credit cards, but Hawaii News Now reports that authorities have not found sufficient evidence of a robbery and might pursue only a charge of unauthorized credit card use.

At least one homeless man at the scene told a television reporter that he and a friend found Allenby passed out near the wine bar and that he became verbally abusive when they tried to help him. Law enforcement officials reportedly believe Allenby's injuries are more consistent with a fall as opposed to an attack.

Allenby, who withdrew from the Humana Challenge in La Quinta this week, has reiterated that he was robbed.

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