Tiger Woods tweets a video of himself hitting a golf ball to show he's 'progressing nicely'

Tiger Woods had two words Wednesday for all the people who had heard reports earlier this week that he can barely sit up and has trouble moving following multiple back surgeries last year.

Well, two words and a 13-second video, all of which he tweeted Wednesday morning.

The words were, "Progressing nicely." And the video showed him swinging a golf club to hit a ball into a screen showing a computer-generated simulation of a golf course.

Woods' agent, Mark Steinberg, said the video was shot just before 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday

"This was meant more for all of Tiger's fans who had reached out since all of this erroneous reporting came out over the weekend that he was so disabled he had to sit in the passenger seat of a car,'' Steinberg told ESPN.

"So many had reached out and wondered if this was the end and if this was true. This was meant to give the most recent update.''

Steinberg added: "That's a fairly full swing. It's a full 9-iron that he was hitting. He's [also] been doing some chipping, working his way to where he is at right now.

"It would be different if I had just said he's progressing and doing some chipping and putting. This is a bit more impactful and relevant to show it this way.''

The Twitter account known as Secret Golf Pro tweeted Sunday that Woods' condition had worsened to the point that he can't drive a car, can only walk around for 45 minutes at the most and spends much of his time just lying down.

Fox Sports' Robert Lusetich offered a similar account of Woods' condition on Monday, tweeting that the former world No. 1 "can't move well" and has "no foreseeable return" to the golf course.

Steinberg released a statement Tuesday calling those reports "ridiculous and absolutely false."

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