USC football: Ex-coach Lane Kiffin says he has learned from mistakes

Former USC coach Lane Kiffin says he has learned from the mistakes he's made

Alabama Coach Nick Saban rarely allows his assistant coaches to speak with the media, so Lane Kiffin's appearance before reporters Sunday was much anticipated.

Kiffin, who was fired as USC's coach last September, is Alabama's new offensive coordinator.

Kiffin, 39, said he had learned from his mistakes.

"I've made more than anybody, probably," he said in a story by the Associated Press. "To be able to go through what I've gone through and still be fortunate before the age of 40 to be here, to be offensive coordinator with Coach Saban at Alabama, you take some time to reflect on that and really to think about what I think is probably two of the most successful coaches maybe ever in football in Pete Carroll and Nick Saban.

"To have the opportunity to be coordinators for both of those guys at a young age. Both those programs are really at the top of the ladder. It's great."

Alabama opens its season Aug. 30 against West Virginia in Atlanta.


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