Watch Glen 'Big Baby' Davis' hilarious reaction to key call in overtime

Glen 'Big Baby' Davis didn't think an overtime call was funny -- but his reaction sure was

The Clippers' Glen "Big Baby" Davis likes to emote.

During a game in 2008, he very publicly cried on the bench after Kevin Garnett gave him some tough love. In 2010, he drooled while celebrating a basket against the Lakers. And on Monday, Davis opened his mouth in pure disbelief over a call in overtime with the Phoenix Suns up by one point, 117-116. 

Davis' hands were on his head, his eyes wide open, and his mouth ajar for multiple seconds after the referees initially called a jump ball instead of giving the Clippers possession after the ball went off of a Suns player. His reaction, of course, was immediately turned into a GIF and shared all over social media.

The Clippers went on to beat the Suns, 121-120, after Blake Griffin made a three-pointer at the buzzer.

Unfortunately, in the excitment of that play, the cameras forgot to zoom in on Davis' reaction.

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