Watch Yoenis Cespedes make the play being called one of the best ever

Did Oakland's Yoenis Cespedes make the greatest defensive play of all time Tuesday against the Angels?

Yoenis Cespedes made one of the best defensive plays of the year on Tuesday night.

Or was it the defensive play of the year? Or the throw of the year? Or even one of the greatest plays ever?

Depends on whose tweets you read. The insane play from the eighth inning of the Angels-Athletics game has been called all that and more.

But everyone can pretty much agree that the Oakland left fielder's 300-foot rocket to nab Howie Kendrick at the plate in the eighth inning of a 1-1 game was something you don't see every day.

"You don't expect something like that," A's Manager Bob Melvin said after the game. "We know he has a strong throwing arm, but to make that throw, on the fly, was special."

Cespedes initially bobbled a Mike Trout double into the left-field corner. Kendrick had already rounded third when Cespedes launched his throw and was still beat by the ball.

“When the ball rolled into the corner, I thought Howie would score standing up,” Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said following his team's 2-1 win in 14 innings. “Cespedes picked the ball up and threw a guided missile that was right on the money. It was just an incredible throw from that distance, from that angle, everything. That was a special play.”

Check out the video above. Best throw you've ever seen? Greatest play in the history of mankind? Let us know what you think.

No offense, but it probably won't be as funny as this tweet from @FauxJohnMadden: "The best quarterback in Oakland is probably Yoenis Cespedes."

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