UCLA offensive line and Paul Perkins practice tough (running) love

UCLA offensive line and Paul Perkins practice tough (running) love
UCLA running back Paul Perkins has 1,074 rushing yards this season. (Stephen Brashear / Associated Press)

UCLA running back Paul Perkins never wastes an opportunity to praise the offensive line for his season. He credits them for his 1,074 yards.

The linemen throw it back to him.

"The way he runs, each and every down, means more to us than what he says," guard Alex Redmond said. "He trusts us that we're going to make blocks. All the linemen love him because he runs downhill and tries to run people over."

Perkins could finish high on UCLA's single-season list. He has at least three games remaining and, if he continues with his yards-per-game average, he will finish with more than 1,400 yards, which would put him at least into fourth.

Jonathan Franklin set the UCLA record with 1,734 yards in 2012. Karim Abdul-Jabbar is second with 1,571 in 1995 and Gaston Green is third with 1,405 in 1986.

Perkins said he just runs and doesn't keep track of his yards. But he does receive updates.

"My mom is the main person who keeps up on that," Perkins said. "She's always in the articles and keeps me up on those things. She loves seeing her son do good."