Welcome to USC Now

Introducing USC Now at the Los Angeles Times

There’s not enough college football to go around these days.

So at The Times, we’re giving you more.

Welcome to the new USC blog, USC Now.

We’ll take you to the Coliseum, Brian Kennedy-Howard Jones Field, and far beyond.

With beat reporter Gary Klein and even columnist Bill Plaschke, we’ll write about it, discuss it in videos, and might even embed a Tweet or two.

As for me, my name is Lindsey Thiry.

A Pacific Northwest native, former Pac-12 athlete, communications major and sports enthusiast, my broadcast journalism career started in a tiny newsroom in Great Falls, Mont., led me to the NFL in Atlanta, before ultimately finding a path back to the West Coast.

This is my third season covering USC football.

And would you be surprised what I’ve seen?

A preseason No. 1 team, met four coaches, watched players starve eating salad then gorge on cookies. New Year’s was spent in El Paso, a year later, a holiday in Las Vegas. And ultimately in two seasons, still witnessed the Trojans win 17 games.

Who knows what’s in store for the 2014 season, but I look forward to sharing it all right here.

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