The Nats are coming off a huge season in 2012, raising the bar even higher for the upcoming season.

Fresh off a National League East title, the Washington Nationals are settling into spring training and manager Davey Johnson has adopted a simple yet direct mantra.  It's just four words:  World Series or bust.

“We have to embrace it,” Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg told WDBJ7’s Travis Wells. Click here to watch the complete interview with Strasburg. “Where we were a couple of years ago, obviously we can focus on last year and how well we did or continue plugging forward. We're all still relatively young and we've all got a lot left in the tank.  We're gonna come out guns blazin' and hopefully we'll tackle the challenge.”

Nationals third baseman and former UVA star Ryan Zimmerman said: “It's fun. As a professional athlete that's what you want.  It's fun to come into camp with those expectations with the chance to win a hundred games instead of lose a hundred games.  We know we have a long ways to go and a lot of work to do.  This organization has had some bad teams and some tough times. We've worked really hard to get through that, and now we have a team that is set to be good not only this year but for a long time.”

Nationals middle reliever Bill Bray said: “You can just feel it, we expect to win.  Not only that, we expect to advance and get to the World Series.  That's the goal and that's what we expect to do.”

As expectations have grown, so too has the fan base, all across the Mid-Atlantic Region.

“It's awesome to play in front of sellout crowds,” Nationals middle reliever Bill Bray said. “I think the last week or two of the season the place was packed and it was an electric atmosphere.  It reminded me of my debut every single day.  What better way to show up at the park when you're winning and you've got all this support behind you.”

The Nats open the spring training schedule against the Mets on Saturday.