Three summers ago, Minneapolis-area trainer Ted Johnson enlisted the
help of several former Notre Dame players to help with a camp he was
running. The group included John Sullivan, Ryan Harris, John Carlson
and Brady Quinn.

Quinn began to have some fun with the campers, throwing balls at top
speed before deciding to test the leaping abilities of certain

"He throws this ball, it's gotta be 11 feet in the air, literally 11
feet in the air," Johnson recalled.

Problem was, one camper, James Onwualu, then an eighth-grader with
eyes on a basketball career, was up -- way up, as a matter of fact -- to
Quinn's challenge.

"James goes up with one hand, and he catches it," Johnson marveled.
"Me and Brady both look at each other like, 'What was that?'"

It was Onwualu's athleticism on display.

Onwualu, now 6-foot-1 and 208 pounds, last week verbally committed to
Notre Dame and is expected to, with his mother, visit campus this
weekend as ND hosts a number of top targets.

And it may have been Onwualu's impressive grab of the Quinn throw that