Senior PGA: No. 7 plays hard to get in first round

but it hit the middle of the hole."

Not bad, considering the cup was tucked about 12 feet from the left
edge of the green, on the upper tier of a baffling surface.

"(No. 7), thank God, played downwind," said John Cook, who parred the
hole and was in second, 2-under. "Nice drive and a 9-iron, and (I) had
a nice two-putt to get out of there with four."

"You have a backboard against the wind," said P.H. Horgan III, who
finagled a par. "Downwind, I had a wedge in (to the green) today, but
it was still scary. I did well to keep it on the green. That hole is
one of the toughest holes you're ever going to play."

See ya tomorrow, trouble.

Eighteen players scored higher than double-bogey 6 on the hole. For
the day, the 156-player field averaged 4.606. A 10 by J.C. Snead was
the highest score.

And these guys have made a living doing this for a lot of years.

Duffers, don't feel bad.

Some of those obscure veterans dreaming to catch lightning in a bottle
were struck down by this measure of mettle. In the space of an hour,
more than a few pros were brought to their knees.

Take Troy Schleicher of The Woodlands, Texas, for example.