Ponchatoula Strawberry Farmers Prepare for the Freeze

Dale Robertson

On the Northshore, strawberry farmers are preparing for the cold weather. ABC26 News Anchor Curt Sprang reports from Ponchatoula.

While frozen strawberries are good for daiquiris, they are not good for farmers. That's why the covers are out at Johndale Farms ... and Ponchatoula is preparing.

At Berry Town Produce, this is the official sign that winter is here and people can begin worrying about the strawberries that are so much a part of this city's identity.

"If it gets too cold, it's not good," explains berry buyer Shea DeLatte. "But they've got it pretty good now where they can protect them. We'll see how it goes."

On Dale Robertson's farm, workers spent the day covering the 150,000 strawberry plants here. A series of hoops and twine allows for a little distance between plant and blanket -- trapping in the earth's heat.

Robertson says since strawberry season runs November to June, freeze damage could knock out two months of production and profit.

He's taking no precautions: "You'd have to get another job, that's for sure."

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