Small Headlines: Big Stars

Weezer has a new video out for their song, "Pork and Beans" and it features the ghosts of You Tube video past. This will only fuel the fire for more people to make asses of themselves on the web.

The truth is out there and it's in the womb! Agent Scully (aka Gillian Anderson) is preggers. Something you may not know: Anderson was voted "Most Bizarre", "Class Clown" and "Most Likely to be Arrested" in her high school class.

Singer and blogger Lily Allen had a bit too much fun at Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year awards last night. After too many spirits Allen had to be carried out of the after-party by a bouncer. Who hasn't had to do that one or two times throughout their life? In true award-winning fashion, Lily clutched on to her prize all the way to the car that would take her home.

80's songstress Taylor Dane has been hitting the bottle lately and unfortunately the road as well. I would've thought her hits from way back when would've given her enough loot to at least take a cab.

Oh say it aint so! Drew Barrymore reportedly got her tongue pierced on June 2nd. I love Drew and all, but she seems to have enough trouble speaking as it is.

Heyooooooooo no! Ed McMahon needs the Publisher's Clearing House to show up at his front door with a giant check. Johnny Carson's former sidekick is having his house foreclosed. We've got an extra couch for you to sit on at our place Ed; stop by anytime.

Gina Gershon and former President Bill Clinton are both pissed off and denying rumors that the two got their freak on years back. Vanity Fair magazine published an article claiming that the actress and frequent jogger/McDonald's enthusiast had an affair.

And in keeping with the theme of today here's Andy Davis's tune "Beautiful Day for Bad News" to download for your enjoyment.Andy Davis
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