CES 2011: What's Next in Tech?

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Kurt the CyberGuy is hitting the floor before anyone else on the opening day of CES to reveal the biggest announcements in technology, including the trick Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has up his sleeve and why 2011 might just be the year of the tablet.

Avatar Kinect for the XBOX 360 is what Ballmer revealed last night along with a whole new line of computer including two tablet computers running Windows 7. Avatar Kinect takes their full body controller to the next level by recognizing facial expression and the exact dimensions of your body so a more realistic "you" is on screen. Also coming out will be Netflix and Hulu streaming on your XBOX 360 that can be fully controlled by the Kinect Sensor. Check out what Kinect is all about below.

But Ballmer stole the show when he brought out this promise: "Microsoft will be everywhere on every device without compromise." We'll see about that...

Liquid Image has come out with something extreme and yet very intelligent with their HD Video capturing sport goggles. They have three different types for motocross, snowboarding, and scuba diving that will keep your hands free and everything you see captured for your future entertainment. 

Dell seems to have caught the tablet fever that's here at CES this year, but it's got a twist...literally. The Dell Inspiron Duo has the appearance of a regular notebook but then can be converted into a tablet touch screen computer. The really cool feature on this is the AMD Duo-Core Processors meaning the tablet features and the netbook features have their own processing chip, but both of them help each other based on which mode you're in. Basically, your computer will always be running quickly.

Pandigital is also graduating to another level of e-reading by adding a whole new android user interface tablet computer with their e-reader including the wide selection of e-books from Barnes and Noble. Now you can have the best of both worlds: your book and the world wide web.

Toshiba also steeping up their game with their on tablet computer. It's features are unlike any other tablet we've seen so far with HDMI out, Mini USB in and SD Card slot; and that's just the beginning. It sports a rugged silicone case on the back, a 5 MP rear-facing camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera and an HD 1200x800 display.


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