The New Way to Show Off Your Vacation Photos

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In the past, you would have to wait for the photos to develop at the store before you could show them off, but now you can show them off in real time thanks to these two apps.Share| Twitter and Facebook have revolutionized the way we can share memories and moments of our favorite times, but now you can instantly share your experience with anyone you want whenever you want.The newest member to the "Post Your Trip Online" family is Tripline. Remember when Indiana Jones would fly to go discover a cool artifact? Okay that's a good start, but now remember the cool map that would be in the background showing you all the places he would fly over? That's what I'm talking about.Tripline draws lines across your entire route to where you've been and to where you are going posting captions, photos and other media along the way. The other cool feature is you get epic music behind your journey across the map, so choose wisely.The first app is called the Swingvine Gallery. It's completely free for the iPhone or iPod Touch. What you do with it is send digital postcards via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail. It's a fun way to show your friends and family how much fun you're having while your there rather than having to drag them to your house to have you brag about how much fun you had. I think this app will help families everywhere. I'd use this on more of a novelty kind of basis, but also to capture a cute family moment. This app is also great for the simplistic tech minds.And for personal favorite, for you advanced techies and adventurer types, there's the Jeep TripCast App. Also free, this guy allows you to share a photo, video, audio clip and your GPS location all in one place and all on an interactive map so your friends and family can see your route and all the great things you saw along the way. I definitely plan to use this app on my honeymoon cruise in the Caribbean to show everyone how much fun I'm having and to prove the water is actually as blue as the movies show you.

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