How You Can Get the White iPhone 4

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The white iPhone was never officially released from Apple, yet several are starting to pop up across the internet.  Kurt the CyberGuy explains the mystery behind the unreleased white iPhone and shows you how you can get one of your own.  But buyer beware! There are consequences for getting your tech fix on the black market, so don’t buy a white iPhone until you see this.

So while you can get these "less than legal" white iPhone 4 covers and get them to replace your current black iPhone 4 cover, it appears as if you won't have to wait much longer to get a legitimate white iPhone 4 sold by authorized retailers.

It was discovered last week that Best Buy's online stock inventory revealed that there would be white iPhone 4s available at their store by late February. Then today, the AT&T manufacturing website leaked that they would also have the white iPhone 4 in late February. So it seems that two different companies trying to hide the same information might have revealed the eventual release of the legitimate white iPhone 4.

But if late February still seams too far away for you, you know what you can do.

If you want to read into your iphone warranty, you can download the entire warranty from the Apple website.


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