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The Great Stink

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Original Air date: October 24, 2006

That Stinks
A truck carrying 3 and 1/2 tons of pickles derailed in nearby Woodbridge. Over the past couple of days, the pickles have been baking in the sun and Stars Hollow, downwind of the mess, just plain reeks. Taylor calls an emergency town meeting to decide what to do. Overwhelmingly, the townspeople vote to pay the tab, even though the offending odor is really Woodbridge's problem. Taylor is not happy that Stars Hollow has to absorb the "astronomical" bill of $2,500. Lorelai chooses not to go to the town meeting, and she used to love them so, because she knows Luke will be there.

On the continent
Surprise! Logan's in town. He and his team: Nick, Phil and Bobby are on the continent for 26 hours for a quick business meeting in New York City and then it's back to London. Logan sets up a beautiful, romantic, twinkly-lighted roof on the apartment building to surprise Rory, along with mass quantities of her favorite takeout foods - he even remembered the flan. It's a perfect night.

Logan's a changed man. A serious, focused, businessman and Rory seems to know all about his big project to buy this new internet company. One thing Logan didn't tell Rory is that his co-worker Bobby, is a beautiful blonde. Bobby says Logan has "talked her ear off" about Rory, whereas Rory hasn't heard word one about London's Next Top Model. Bobby also happens to be a graduate of Oxford and declared that Logan and Rory's relationship was "adorable." What's the deal with that?

Rory holds her tongue during dinner which, incidentally, she thought was going to be a night out for just her and Logan, but explodes when they head back to the car. Logan just shakes it off with a grin. He doesn't have feelings for Bobbi and he misses Rory too. She realizes that she's probably overreacting and alls well again in Rory-Logan-Land.

Let's be open and honest
Lorelai packs up Paul Anka, which is no small feat considering his quirks, for their first night over at Christopher's. While Lorelai's trying to compose a song using Chris' Tivo, Chris shows Lorelai a 15-page letter from Sherry. Chris' ex-wife Sherry is going through a life makeover. Gone are the workaholic days. Now she's into gardening, yoga and is also currently dating her yoga instructor. In the letter, she apologizes to Christopher for being the person she used to be.

Chris notes her change of heart and tells Lorelai he wants to send Gigi to Paris to visit her mother. He already has it planned out: the 25-year-old nanny can take Gigi. Lorelai listens to Chris' plan, but she doesn't really know what to say or do. She doesn't agree that it's a good idea to send Gigi traveling with the nanny, but it's new territory for Lorelai to be included in the details of her boyfriend's family life. With Luke, he didn't talk about it his daughter or his exes and he certainly didn't want any input or advice.

On the way to Friday Night Dinner, with Christopher as her date, Lorelai mentions her concerns to Christopher and they have their first major fight. They call a cease fire for Friday Night Dinner, but the mood between them is strained. Emily and Richard, however, don't seem to notice and they rattle on about lamb and radishes. Richard even proposes a toast to having more nights like this.

Lorelai asks Chris to meet her in the bathroom mid-meal to talk. She explains how she's not jealous of Sherry, she's really looking out for Gigi and Christopher. He doesn't believe her and they leave the bathroom still mad. Should Lorelai have gotten into the mix about Gigi going to Paris?

Over dessert and in front of Emily and Richard, Lorelai makes another attempt to explain herself. This time, it gets through to Chris and he impetuously decides that he's going to take Gigi to Paris and that Lorelai's coming with him. Lorelai loves this plan. It even snaps her out of her funk and she returns to her regular self, snide commentary included. Richard and Emily don't know what happened, but the return of Lorelai's regular personality makes Emily feel like the whole dinner is ruined.

Rory makes her way to Hartford for some dessert too and the three of them leave together in Chris's car like one big, happy, family fighting over radio stations.

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