Gorillas in the Mist: Condoms From the Amazon

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Ready Made magazine is always filled with interesting ideas for fun and crafty projects. From making a jewelry box out of a Monopoly board game to constructing a coffee table out of an old armoire, they've got you covered. The mag has just put out their Green Design issue, which promises to have a lot of fun sustainable projects for your home.

Buy condoms made from trees from the Amazon. The Brazilian government has allowed its first condom company to start manufacturing condoms made from seringai trees.

Forbes has put out a list of the world's least fuel-efficient autos. At a time when gas prices seem to be taking more steroids than professional athletes, you may want to rethink purchasing any of these guzzlers.

Tunes for Trees is a great site for music lovers and tree enthusiasts. For every ten songs you buy through iTunes on their site, they'll plant a tree!

Crazyhippiemom is a self-described "urban hippie" whose blog we've just recently stumbled across. Inside, she shares some of the green practices that have helped her through pregnancy as a vegan, and now as the mother of a toddler.

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