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Champagne for my Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends

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Written by Mark Schwahn
Directed by Paul Johansson

What's the drama:
The boys are excited to find out about who picked them in the draft. Tim suggests that all the girls take out their draftees and then he finds out that he didn't even make the draft. Lucas discovers that Brooke didn't pick him, but Rachel did. Brooke attempts to explain how Rachel tricked her but the damage has already been done. Lucas is hurt.

Haley is beyond excited to go on her date with Nathan, but Brooke is disgusted by the idea of going on a date with Chris Keller.

Meanwhile, Rachel shows up at Lucas' house for their date. The guy tells Rachel how he feels about Brooke and she agrees to change things up. Just as Lucas and Rachel head to Brooke's house to officially trade him, they see her heading out on a double date with Nathan and Chris Keller. Poor Haley was so desperate to get that date with her husband she threatened violence if Brooke doesn't go along with it. With much disgust and unhappiness, Brooke goes on the double date. So Lucas agrees to go on his date with Rachel -- a workout at the river court.

Skills comes to pick up Bevin for their date, but her folks are out of town and she wants to stay in for the night. She wants to watch "The Notebook" -- but he just wants to watch her.

Mouth takes Peyton on a very unusual date -- to the old folk's home. Seems Mouth has a little secret. He pays weekly visits to an old guy named Mel. And he reads to him. Peyton hits it off with Mel immediately but she finds his home depressing and convinces Mouth to spring the guy for a little fun.

On their double date, Nathan and Haley decide to visit the secluded beach location of their wedding, but much like their marriage, it's destroyed. Bulldozers are busy developing the paradise that was once theirs. So the foursome agrees to go to the mall. The coincidence isn't lost on Haley, though, and she is suddenly very sad on what was supposed to be the perfect date.

What's up with Lucas:
Lucas is astonished that Brooke would actually date that Chris Keller. He believes he and Brooke are destined to be together. The big date between Rachel and Lucas takes them to the river court with beer where they play a basketball drinking game that turns into strip basketball. Lucas is apprehensive and Rachel defies Lucas to call upon destiny and if Brooke is the one, to make the basket blindfolded. He does, but he takes off the blindfold to find a semi-naked Rachel.

What's up with Karen:
Deb gets the idea to vandalize Dan's giant and obnoxious campaign billboard that's over the highway on the outside of town. Karen begrudgingly goes along with it. Once they begin, they have some fun, until they knock down the ladder and get stuck up at the top with no way to get down. But Deb comes up with a big idea. They take off some of their clothing and lasso the ladder so they can get down. When it's all said and done, Karen vows not to sink to Dan's level ever again. They end up tearing off the vandalism they climbed up on the billboard to do in the first place.

What's up with Skills:
Even though he was pretty much conned into watching "The Notebook," Skills ends up getting into the romantic chick-flick. As the credits roll, he ends up getting a little depressed. And when Bevin offers to make out with him, he asks her if they can cuddle first. It's nice to see that Skills isn't afraid of his softer side. Later he tells his buddies about his evening and they tell him what's really up. Looks like Skills got "Notebooked."

What's up with Peyton:
Peyton and Mouth take Mel to a race track and do the go car thing. Peyton is impressed with Mouth and his weekly buddy and tells him that Mel probably won't forget their big night for awhile. But Mouth admits to his friend that Mel has Alzheimer's disease and most likely won't remember any of it. Mouth tells Peyton that Mel is his grandpa -- he just doesn't remember it. He calls Mouth Joe because that is his father's name. The two had a falling-out and haven't spoken since, so Mouth comes and visits him.

What's up with Nathan:
As their double date falls apart at the mall, Nathan plays video games and ignores his wife until Chris Keller makes a play for her. Everyone starts arguing and Brooke decides to take off. She didn't want to be on the stupid date anyway.

What's up with Brooke:
As she attempts to flee the mall and the freakish double date, she storms past Suburban Filth, the store where she works, and she sees her designs in the window. She's so happy she forgets she's angry. The foursome head back to the girl's apartment and celebrate Brooke's newfound success.

How does it all wrap up:
When Lucas sees the partially nude Rachel at the river court, he tells her to get dressed. Rachel is disgusted. What's up with all the guys in Tree Hill being tragically hung up on some girl? Lucas tells her that Brooke is the one for him. At that same time, while celebrating with Chris Keller, Brooke realizes that Lucas is the one for her. Rachel takes Lucas to Brooke's house and she accuses him of making a late-night booty call. He tells her it's just the opposite. He's there to tell Brooke how he feels for once and for all.

When Peyton takes Mouth home she asks him why he keeps coming to see his grandpa when he'll just forget. But Mouth tells her that he will remember and that Mel doesn't have much more time, and besides, no one should die alone. Peyton admits to her friend that she is regretting sending Ellie away.

By the end of their double date, Haley admits to her husband that she had high expectations for their date. While Brooke and Chris Keller are distracted and celebrate over champagne, Haley takes Nathan up to the old rooftop and tells him that she wants to show him her prediction for the year. But he doesn't want to see it -- it's a wish, and that'll ruin it. Instead, he writes his own prediction and tells her that in one year they'll check to see if his comes true. She continues to be bummed about the beach being gone, but Nathan gives her one of the little purple flowers from the location, telling her that it's still there.

When Lucas finally arrives at Brooke's doorstep to tell her that she is the one for him, he opens the door, and she is in bed with Chris Keller!

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