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James Lafferty Q & A

Were you surprised with where the show creators wanted to take Nathan in the finale? Fans are going crazy.
James Lafferty: "I discovered when I actually read the script about a week before we shot the episode. It was pretty surprising to me. I didn't know the specifics. It was surprising, but I feel like I'm in good hands with Mark (Schwahn, One Tree Hill's creator and executive producer). I have no idea (what'll happen to Nathan). I trust Mark and I trust him to take care of the show. He's writing a great story no matter what. I'm hoping to come back and I'm hoping for Nathan to get some good stuff."

Do you and Nathan have anything in common? What traits do you share? What traits are different?
"I wouldn't say that I'm very similar to the character of Nathan at all. Both of us have had very different upbringings and backgrounds. I have a competitive nature like the character of Nathan. That's really easy to draw from when I'm acting; that's probably the biggest similarity."

Which is your favorite episode of One Tree Hill?
"The one where the worlds are kind of switched ("Lifetime Piling Up," Season Two). That was such a fun episode to shoot for everybody. (It) got back to what the heart of the show is -- like filming the pilot again but in different roles, which was really fun."

What's your favorite part of working on OTH?
"The people that you get to meet. Since I've started the show, it's opened up a whole new world. I didn't know anybody before I came out here. I think that I've made a lot of good friends."

If One Tree Hill does not get picked up for a fourth season, how would you like to spend the next year?
""Well, I think that if OTH didn't come back, I'd try to take some time and travel a little bit, rest and relax. I'd like to pursue film."

What kind of film would you like to work on?"
"I'd love to do action movies. I don't know too many people who don't like to see a good action movie. That sort of career would just be amazing."

Who would you most like to act with or work with on a project?
"Tom Hanks has been a huge idol of mine. I'd love to work with someone like him someday. You could learn a lot working with someone like that."

We've got time for one more question. When you filmed the pilot, did you ever think that OTH would turn into the big hit that it's become?
"When we filmed the pilot, I really loved the script; I really loved the story. I loved my work and tried to do the best job I possibly could. At that point, I knew that we were making a good show. I didn't know what it would be like at all to have such a loyal fanbase, or what it would snowball into. I guess I could have never predicted how good it would be."

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