Prison Break Recap: John Doe

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Original air date January 22, 2007

Last we saw, Mahone found the Burrow brothers in Mexico and wanted them to die on their way back to the United States. However, Kellerman wanted to save them since the president turned her back on him. When the four men come face to face, Kellerman shot Mahone and escaped with Lincoln and Michael...

Not exactly The Three Muskateers
Now this unlikely grouping of Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln have joined forces - at least for now. The three of them come to a road block set up to search each vehicle for the brothers. Kellerman has them duck down so that they won't be seen. One officer tries to search the car but Kellerman won't let him and says if he tries to search his car than he'll have them fired. The officers decide to let Kellerman pass.

Michael and Lincoln ask for one good reason why they should trust him and Kellerman replies that he knows where Stedman is-it turns out that he was the one that set everything up and now is executing his orders. Mr. Kim, who thought everything was going by plan, calls Kellerman and tells him that Mahone is alive. Kellerman replies that Michael and Lincoln are dead and that he is going to bury them. In reality, Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln are flying to Cutback, Montana where Stedman is being held.

In the meantime, Mahone is in the hospital when he receives a phone call from Mr. Kim saying that Kellerman finished the job. Mr. Kim was in for a surprise when Mahone told him that Kellerman was the one that shot him and that the brothers are alive and on the run with Kellerman. Mr. Kim is speechless when he realizes that Kellerman knows everything. Later, Mr. Kim learns that Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln are flying down to Montana. He gives orders not to let the plane take off and is surprised to find out that the plane has already landed. Meanwhile, Stedman is in the cabin saying how he wants his life back.

Not so fast, MahoneMr. Kim calls back to Mahone, who is still in the hospital, and tells him that he needs to finish the job. Mahone's reply is that he's out and he doesn't care anymore. To nobody's surprise, Mr. Kim is not pleased with the answer. To make Mahone finish the job, he has one of the agents hit his son with a car- Mahone receives a startling call from his upset wife that their son is in the hospital. Mahone feels like he has no choice but to get out and fly back home to Colorado. While trying to get a taxi, Mahone is approached by the agent telling him exactly what happened. Mr. Kim receives a call from Mahone that he will finish the job.

Back in Montana the agents tell Stedman to get his jacket and that he needs to leave, which after a while he finally agrees. While the agent is walking Stedman outside, a car pulls up to the front entrance. The other agent at that time gets a phone call from Mr. Kim saying that the car just left for Stedman- again Mr. Kim is in for a shocker when he is informed that a car just pulled up. Outside, Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln jump out of the car. After shooting the two agents, Stedman is taken at gun point and brought to a motel. Kellerman's plan is to stay at the motel for at least a day or two and than go to Washington D.C with Stedman. However, his plan turns upside down when Michael calls Channel 11 News and tells the reporter their location and that he'll turn himself in. The plan takes a turn for the worse when Stedman shoots himself in the head right when the police arrive.

The other cons
C-Note and his daughter are camping out together since his wife has been caught. He's trying to keep himself together while his daughter keeps asking questions where mommy is and whether is she in trouble. C-Note has a plan that when his wife is out on bail they can get run away to Alaska and be a family again. Unfortunately, he gets some upsetting news that the judge will not let KC out on bail.

Bellick, now being on the other side makes even more enemies with one of the prisoners. The prisoner requests that Bellick, during meal time, gives him his dessert. Which at meal time Bellick gives him his brownie, however, the prisoner feels like his boys are left without brownies. Bellick, instead of cooperating, hits the prisoner with a white rag. Later that night, he gets warned by one of the guards to watch his back that the prisoner has connections with the guards working the night shift. The guard cannot do anything since Bellick-when he was still a guard-put those guards for the night shift.

T-Bag surprises Ms. Hollander with a visit. When the kids come home they are glad to see him and give him hugs. While they are all watching television, Ms. Hollander purposely spills her drink on the coffee table and excuses herself. T-bag follows her and shows her that he took the gun that she had hiding in the drawer. Ms. Hollander's son realizes that something is up, and hears T-Bag yelling. He hits him with the cup however T-Bag gets up and holds the whole family hostage.

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