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Google Plus: Social Network Overload?

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Google, the most popular search engine, now has its own social networking site named Google Plus. Will it become the next Facebook? Eventually fizzle out like MySpace? Do we even need another social network at all? Rich DeMuro takes a look at the feature that makes Google Plus unique and why it offers us the chance to "start over" when it comes to organizing our friends online.

We've come a long way since the days of Friendster. Myspace gave us our top eight, glittery backgrounds and annoying auto-play music.

Facebook changed everything. Suddenly, the world was sharing everything from pictures of breakfast to relationship statuses. Twitter forced everyone to shorten their daily lives to 140 characters or less. Twitter became the place to follow anyone and everyone, while Facebook turned into a mosh pit of old friends, colleagues, ex-es and anyone else met in passing.

The newly-introduced Google Plus is bringing its killer feature, circles, which allows friends to be organized into neat little groups of childhood friends, co-workers, acquaintances and more. With Google Plus, what we share isn't as important as who we share it with.

But as more people start exploring Google Plus, many are asking if we really need another social networking site and if one of the other sites will get the boot. 

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