The mission's worthy goal

YOUR story about Thanksgiving dinner at the Los Angeles Mission ["This Thanksgiving, His Plate Is Full," Nov. 21] was excellent. It was good to read an article that described well how to treat homeless people (e.g., the way we would like to be treated) and how people can begin to move out of homelessness when meaningful opportunities (e.g., the chef training program) are provided.

Norweeta Milburn


The ultimate bird

THANK you for the ultimate turkey recipe ["Autumn's Vibrant Shades Come Together in Splendor on the Holiday Table," Nov. 14]. Not only was it truly the ultimate in taste, it was also incredibly easy. And I had guests come into the kitchen and beg to photograph it. I fear I have now become the family turkey expert and am doomed to always be in charge of Thanksgiving.

Debra Cochrane

Toluca Lake

Michelin on target

I would hardly call the Los Angeles Michelin Guide's decision to include Agoura Hills clueless ["It's Amateur Hour Chez Michelin," Nov. 21]. What Michelin obviously knows that you don't is that the communities of Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks are full of potential customers for the restaurants in their guides. They are affluent communities of educated, sophisticated people who enjoy a high quality of life. On Friday and Saturday nights in Thousand Oaks, every restaurant is full with a waiting list. Furthermore, residents of these areas have no desire to drive 30 or 40 miles in awful L.A. traffic to get to Beverly Hills restaurants. Christine Elowitt

Thousand Oaks

HOW dare they! Michelin should know there is only one arbiter of knowledge for foodies in California. Why of course, the L.A. Times.

Bryan Aitchison


Chop house fan

THANK you for reviewing Three Forks Chop House in Claremont -- a restaurant out my way! ["It's Prime Territory, All Right," Nov. 7] I'm a chef living in Covina, and finding a decent chop house east of the 605 is a challenge. Thanks for remembering that people out here enjoy great food too!

Laura Hodges


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