Oroblancos: How to choose, store and prepare

These large citrus fruits are frequently called grapefruit, but in reality they are a cross between a grapefruit and a pummelo (those giant, head-sized citrus you see around the holidays). Introduced in the 1980s, Oroblanco has what many connoisseurs believe to be the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity with a delicious piney quality similar to a great pink grapefruit.

How to choose: Especially this late in the season, choose these by their heft and by their smell. The peel tells you little -- ripe fruit can still have a trace of green in the color and a scarred rind does not affect the flavor.

How to store: Because their peels are so thick, Oroblancos can be kept at room temperature. They'll last several weeks.

How to prepare: Make a fruit salad. Use sharp knife to peel the fruit, removing all the white pith, and then slice it crosswise about one-quarter-inch thick. Arrange in a bowl. Simmer 1 cup of water with one-third cup of sugar until it's clear. Add a tablespoon of slivered basil and cool to room temperature. Pour this over the grapefruit and serve at cool room temperature

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