Karl Lagerfeld

Adopt a signature look. Karl Lagerfeld and his high collars. Larry King and his suspenders. Robert Evans and Bono and their signature eyewear. A trademark flourish can be a sort of sartorial calling card and a memorable way to stand out from the masses. It doesn't even need to be a piece of clothing; it can be hair ( Albert Einstein used his head, and for Salvador Dali, the answer was right under his nose) or even a color -- Johnny Cash made a career out of being "the Man in Black." More in Image: • Story: 20 ways to upgrade your style • Photos: The ones to watch in 2009 • Color you happy: Choose the best hues for you • Learn how to tie a bow tie • Find your signature scent Stumped on where to start? Speed-skim a year's worth of Esquire, GQ and Details magazines and sift out the celebrity style constants, then pick up Esquire's new hard-bound "The Handbook of Style" (due out this month) and make your call.
Cristophe Morin / EPA
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