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  • We do not list: financial seminars, singles events, auditions, casting calls, in-store promotions, benefits or fundraisers including auctions, awards dinners and book sales.

  • Updates to currently listed events should be made AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but due to advance deadlines and the listings production cycle, not all updates will be immediately reflected in print and online.

  • Sunday Calendar print edition listings are selective and chosen by Times critics and editorial staff.

  • Because of space limitations, not all submissions will be listed in print. Some listings not found in the print edition may appear online or in regional editions only.

  • Press releases for listings are no longer accepted by fax or mail. Individual listings compilers, editors and writers may still ask to be on your mailing list.

  • This event form is for listings submissions only. Story pitches and requests for a review must still be made directly to the assignment editors.

  • Due to the volume of listings submissions, you will not receive a confirmation that your listings request has been received nor whether it will run.

  • If the submission is made three weeks prior to the event, it may appear online a week to ten days before the event.

  • Listings in the print edition will be listed online at The Hoot List as well.