Election 2012: Mayor kicks off reelection campaign

Laguna Beach has some issues that Mayor Jane Egly would like to have a hand in solving.

Egly, who is running for her third term on the City Council, kicked off her reelection campaign Sunday at Madison Square and Garden Café, dwelling on the practicalities of running a city.

Among her topics were upgrading aging infrastructure and safeguarding pedestrians by installing sidewalks; using the city's water supply, all imported, more judiciously; and a balanced budget that still preserves Laguna's quality of life.

"I shall continue to watch the dollars," Egly said.

Egly is also passionate about making Laguna a "Complete Streets" city, with streets that reduce traffic congestion and are more inviting to all modes of transportation.

"This makes our city more livable and sustainable," Egly said. "And it now the law."

Married to retired Judge Paul Egly, an early advocate of open space preservation, the mayor has a vested interest in protecting the environment and increasing open space, particularly the buffer areas that protect homes and people.

Egly supports citywide utility undergrounding, which she said also contributes to public safety.

She lauded the Laguna Canyon Foundation for planting 2,000 native species in open space and praised Mission Hospital, which Egly was instrumental in bringing to Laguna.

"My promise to you, if reelected is to continue to work to craft creative solutions that represent community consensus," Egly said. "Working together, we will find long-term solutions, changing what we must while preserving what we love.

"For more information, go to website http://www.JaneEgly.com call me or stop me on the street — I am never reluctant to talk."

Egly has lived in Laguna since 1984. She has served on the city's Parks and Recreation Committee, worked on Save the Canyon and the Open Space Initiative. She was a facilitator for Vision Laguna 2030, provided legal advice to seniors and served several terms as president of Laguna North community organization.

Egly, who has experience as a practicing attorney, recently retired from her position as a law professor.

"She is wonderfully reasonable and level headed, maybe because of her law profession," said Cross Cultural Committee Chair David Peck.

Egly is perceived by supporters as fair-minded, objective about facts and clear thinking.

"Jane has not obligated herself to any one organization or person and I hope that doesn't hurt her in the election," said Councilman Kelly Boyd. "I support her because she is as much concerned about the whole community as I am."

Among the supporters at the kick-off: architects Morris Skenderian and Kirk Saunders, Planning Commissioners Anne Johnson and Linda Dietrich, Mary and George Rabe, gallery owner Peter Blake, Disaster Preparedness Committee member Susan Kempf, attorney Tim Carlyle, North Laguna residents Nancy and Gary Beverage, the Rev. Colin Henderson and campaign volunteer Barbara Painter.

An earlier version of this story reported Rev. Colin Henderson's name as Colin Powell.


Chel to kick off campaign

Deputy City Clerk Lisette Chel wants to succeed retiring City Clerk Martha Anderson.

Chel will kick off her campaign at 6 p.m. June 7 at the Marine Room Tavern.

A donation of $25 is requested.

The event is being organized by Kathy Burnham, Catherine Helshoj and Susan Sandys, who has volunteered her services as campaign treasurer.

Chel has served as deputy to Anderson since 2008.

"I am experienced in providing the superior level of customer service introduced in the office by City Councilwoman Verna Rollinger and carried on by Martha Anderson," Chel said. "I believe my experience will benefit the community,"

She was certified in 2010 by the Institute of Municipal Clerks and is currently working toward her Masters Municipal Clerk certification.

Chel worked for 25 years in the Laguna Beach Police Department before being appointed Deputy City Clerk.

For reservations or information about Chel, e-mail lisetteforcityclerk@aol.com.


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