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Even the most desirable of dogs can lose their homes when the family's lifestyle and the ages of family members and other pets in the home are not considered.

Community Animal Network does its best to make pet-match recommendations that last a lifetime. However, people looking to get a new pet don't always want to listen and continue to seek out animals based on sex, age or a specific breed preference. Often they choose the young, more active animals that require a lot of time and training versus a mature pet that is already trained and may enjoy being more sedentary.

An 11-month-old Maltipoo puppy named Butters was taken from a busy household whose members worked long days, and Butters was crated for hours at a time.

Butters' second owners are senior citizens. The wife is handicapped and unable to walk, play or potty-train the puppy. The 10-year-old family dog is unhappy, too, being play-chased by Butters.

Cuddling and sitting on laps is reserved for when Butters is tuckered out after playtime.

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The shelter doesn't want to turn an animal away. Please consider donating to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, CA 92658, memo, "Help Local Animals," Tax ID 33-0971560.

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