Mailbag: SPON's work remains relevant as ever

I've seen Stop Polluting Our Newport (SPON) ads, in the Daily Pilot recently, making me curious about what is happening regarding traffic and development in our city.

I went to the SPON website,, mentioned in the ads.

SPON, a trusted name in the community for many years, is attempting to educate residents about the changes Newport Beach wants to make to the General Plan Land Use Element. Of special concern is increased density and traffic. Newport Beach deserves a general plan that maintains the residential quality that many of us moved here to enjoy.

The website offers an opportunity to sign a petition, which will be presented to the City Council members before their vote on whether to place the amendment on the ballot. I am urging my friends and neighbors to visit the SPON website to learn more and sign the petition.

I thank SPON for being the guardian of our residential community.

Marcia Marlowe

Newport Beach


Keep animals safe on holiday

The nation is about to celebrate its birthday, an important holiday in our country. The Animal Assistance League would like to make it a safe holiday for pets.

This is the time of year when most animals are lost, injured or killed in traffic as they try to get away from the noise caused by fireworks, which panics many of them. Responsible pet owners should keep their pets away from the sound. Tranquilizers prescribed by a veterinarian have proved helpful to many pets. People should not set off fireworks, even caps, near pets.

Shelters become crowded at this time of year, and many of these pets never make it back home. Many dogs and cats entering shelters have no identification. Having good identification on all of our pets would lower the euthanasia rate at shelters, and there would be a better chance of more facilities becoming no-kill shelters.

It is important to have current license and identification tags bearing more than one phone number on pets at all times. A registered microchip is added safety; the device doesn't come off, and it allows animal control, shelters and veterinarians to scan the animal for owner verification.

Let's celebrate the Fourth of July without creating a disaster for our pets.

Leila Nelson

Midway City

The writer is a representative from the Animal Assistance League of Orange County.

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