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Mailbag: Sullivan deserves another four years

Residents of Huntington Beach should be thrilled that former Mayor Dave Sullivan has decided to run for City Council. Past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Dave can offer the voter something no other candidate can: a 12-year record on the council vigorously fighting for the citizens of HB. He successfully fought to save millions of dollars in unfunded liabilities, exposed salary spiking scams and led the successful fight to get the city to refund the illegally collected property tax levy.

As a 30-plus-year small businessman, he gets it and has promoted tourism and supported policies to retain and attract business. He has always been a staunch advocate for both seniors and children. He coauthored Measure C, which requires a vote of the people before building is allowed on our beaches and parks. Best of all, he always listens and acts on the concerns of the residents of our city.

Ed Kerins

Huntington Beach


Wishing for a quiet market

Now that the Walmart 24-hour grocery store on Beach Boulevard and Atlanta Avenue in Huntington Beach has opened for business, the residents of the Surfside community have been disturbed at all hours of the night and day. Large vehicles make deliveries in the rear of the store at any hour, and the noise is like living on a loading dock. In addition, the problem is magnified because of the poor design and lack of any sound wall or noise containment structure at the facility. Walmart promotes itself as the neighborhood market. The neighbors of the Surfside community can do without this new noisy neighborhood destroyer. Hopefully, our complaints will not go unheard by the city and Walmart. Please give us our neighborhood back.

Karl Fees

Huntington Beach


Let's hear from other views

I am in total agreement with Lynn Copeland's letter addressing the overemphasis of one religion's point of view ("Certain column space should go to the dogs," Commentary, Aug. 23). There is so little space and resources available to cover what is happening in our local community that to devote an entire column to the point of view of one particular religion is really not in the best interest of the larger group. I am sure many of us would like the platform you provide to expound on our personal political, economic or religious view week after week, but this isn't what a community paper should be about.

Lena Vergara

Huntington Beach

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