Mailbag: Greatest generation deserves center

Re: The Huntington Beach Senior Center in Central Park.

As I watched the D-Day commemoration on TV, I wondered about how many in Huntington Beach have a clue about what it really means. Do they realize that thousands of brave Americans went on what amounted to suicide missions to save the world from Adolf Hitler, the monster who is responsible for, among other atrocities, the killing of millions of Jews? How many realize that 9,000 young Americans lost their lives during the D-Day operation?

Although I was just 7, I remember that time vividly. Almost every house on my street had something in the window indicating that their son was at war.

One had a gold star indicating that their son had given his life. Everyone was involved in the war effort. Women worked in armament factories. My best friend Tom and I melted down our tin soldiers to contribute the needed tin to the cause. We went around the neighborhood with his Red Rider wagon to collect grease and tin foil for the same purpose.

I only mention this to point out that everyone from 5 to 95 was involved in the effort to save the world from Hitler and Hirohito.

The uninformed who dispute that these people, now in their 80s, were the greatest generation display the height of ignorance. Many of those same people who are against an adequate senior center for this generation in their final years and time of need display the height of selfish ingratitude.

Dave Sullivan

Huntington Beach councilman


How can one-year for death be justified?

Re: "Father calls sentence for driver 'crazy'," Independent, June 5.

Three years ago I was rear ended by a drunk driver at 2:20 p.m. on a Friday, heading to pick up one of my kids from school.

Not only did the force of the crash push me into two other cars, the guy who hit me fled the scene. They tracked him down and he ended up getting one year in jail. In my case, nobody was hurt, much less killed. Just a totaled car, mine, and a couple bumpers to be replaced.

How on earth can this judge justify this sentence? This young lady lost her life. I am just completely baffled.

Darby Ziegler

Huntington Beach


Desalination project is good for economy

As an Orange County resident, and on behalf of the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, I commend the Orange County Water District for their action June 4 to approve a financial consultant in relation to the Poseidon Huntington Beach desalination project.

The creation of new jobs and the growth of Orange County's economy depend on a reliable water supply. The Poseidon project, which has been universally championed throughout Orange County for the past decade, will provide the region with thousands of new, good-paying jobs and a locally controlled, drought-proof water supply.

Jim Adams

Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council Representative

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