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Toys find a little nighttime mischief at Huntington Beach Library

The Tabby Theater at the Huntington Beach Public Library echoed with children's laughter as they watched a slide show about their toys' adventures the night before.

Thirty-seven toys participated in the third annual Great Stuffed Animal Sleepover, presented by the Huntington Beach Public Library Children's Department on Friday night and Saturday morning.

"It is a nice fundraiser and we always try to make the toys do new and exciting things," children's senior librarian Barbara Richardson said.

The toys get into all kinds of mischief, she said. And so the slide show seems to indicate. But unlike the exhibits in the movie a "Night at the Museum," the toys couldn't accomplish their antics without a little human help.

"They always have story time, we try to keep them from climbing on the boat, they sometimes go downstairs, they look for books, play with the library's animals and cars," Richardson said.

Ruby Garcia, 6, dropped off her stuffed animal named Safari.

"I liked getting to see what the animals were doing, and my favorite part was a picture of Safari in front of a fan," she said.

The toys participated in various activities, such as hanging on vending machines, playing with different library items, reading books, coloring and overall having a great time.

After the slide show, story time started with a reading of "The Three Little Pigs" and a raffle for Orange County Zoo tickets.

The event was a huge success, Richardson said, with the theater at maximum capacity of 143 persons and people in the overflow room as well.

Though only 143 people were seated in the theater, all attendees were given tickets for the raffle and Chili's coupons.

Tickets for the event were $4 per toy and all proceeds went to the Friends of the Children's Library, which uses the money to purchase goods for the library.

The group sponsors many of the library's programs and also helped supervise the toys, Richardson said.

Ruby's mom, Tawni Kirkpatrick, said they definitely would participate next year.

"We really love this library," she said. "They have so many different books, and little activities along with the reading rooms and the fish tank. It is just a great place."

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