Police: video of cop losing his cool is fake

A recent YouTube video showing a man dressed as a police officer shoving and cursing at a Huntington Beach restaurant customer is nothing more than a hoax, police officials said.

The Huntington Beach Police Department took to social media sites last week to spread the word that the video was staged and did not involve the city's police officers.

The department was alerted to the video's existence through Twitter, Capt. Russell Reinhart said.

"It started with a bunch of tweets talking about a cop losing his cool in Huntington Beach," he said. "With the amount of social media attention it was getting, we wanted to make it clear that it wasn't our officer and we didn't have anything to do with it."

The skit, which was posted last week by Roseville comedian Jake Vale, involves two actors dressed up as police officers eating at the Main St. Waffle restaurant at the Five Points Plaza shopping center.

The video shows Vale talking on a cell phone giving a play by play of the officers' actions during their meal.

One of the officers gets fed up with Vale and follows him outside where he pushes him against a squad car and curses at him.

Vale has since removed the video from his YouTube account. He could not be reached for comment by press time.

The comedian has done spoof videos in Huntington Beach previously, Reinhart said.

"We've had issues with him before, but this one crossed the line," he said. "It was just done in poor taste."

Vale did not put a disclaimer on the video and instead tried to make it look like the situation was real, Reinhart said.

"There's never a good time to put something out there to make it look like police are behaving that way," he said.

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