The case of the Clint Eastwood cutout and an unknown hombre

Reg Green of La Cañada Flintridge enjoys a brisk early morning hike, and that's what he was doing in the hills behind Descanso Gardens when he came upon an imposing figure standing motionless on the trail.

Green, 83, was briefly alarmed, then realized he was looking at a life-size plywood cutout of a man, and not just any man. It was Clint Eastwood in a pose from the movie "A Fistful of Dollars." The rugged cowboy was wearing a poncho and chomping a stogie.

"What a great idea this is," Green thought at the time, back in May. "This is really a way of bringing art to the people."

A few weeks later, Green hiked the same trail and discovered that a bad hombre had ambushed Clint.

"I saw a young man on his knees where the cutout had been," said Green. It was the artist, who was picking up the pieces of his vandalized creation.

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-- Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times


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