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5 Freeway closed: Possibly suicidal man on overpass ledge in East L.A.


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Book Review: 'Fall of Giants' by Ken Follett
Book Review: 'Fall of Giants' by Ken Follett

On the heels of his last novel, "World Without End," which took place in the Middle Ages, Ken Follett sets his formidable fictive sights a mere 100 years ago in "Fall of Giants" (Dutton: 990 pp., $36). Blockbusters are Follett's forte, and this latest, weighing in at nearly a thousand pages, is merely the first installment in "The Century Trilogy," which takes on nothing less ambitious than the social and political story of the 20th century. But even the grandest topics can do with some human faces to bring them to life, and Follett has chosen to tell his tale through five families, from England, Germany, Russia, the United States … and Wales! If...